At Begolux – Creative Lighting we are attentive to the needs of each client, and in each project we bet on innovation and design, according to the specificities of your space.

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Born in 2010, Begolux Creative Lighting emerged as a complement to the existing national solutions at lighting level. Permanently concerned with the evolution of the global market, we broadened our spectrum of actuation in order to develop products that align innovation and design to the specific functionalities of every space. With the constant goal of filling our costumer’s needs and desires, we count on a highly qualified and motivated team with the aim of design and develop indoor and outdoor lighting solutions that add value to each environment.

Our wide range of products are constantly monitored with the purpose of providing the ultimate solutions and assuring our certified quality. Begolux Creative Lighting’s production team manage the best raw materials and guarantee full customization of our products to present you the most suitable solutions that will fit all your space requirements. Entirely committed to the excellence of our offer, we are focused on developing products with a high aesthetic and functional component.