Since 2010 focused on architectural and technical lighting.

Permanently directed towards excellence and the development of design solutions, Begolux presents versatile architectural lighting solutions, with a simplistic aesthetic without neglecting their functionality.

Each project developed has fully customizable options in terms of size, finishes and formats, in order to be incorporated into the most complex projects, from commercial and residential spaces to corporate projects.


We work daily to offer our customers a product of excellence and innovation, for sustainable and diversified growth, by offering high quality products and services.

We are committed to making our products available under competitive conditions, coming up with solutions that exceed those expectations of our customers. We ensure the competence of the entire Begolux team, which represents competitive advantages for everyone, thus leveraging the value of the company’s growth.


Begolux focuses on innovation in the strategic development of new products and services, believing in the great potential of all customers and employees.


Our main values ​​are responsibility, respect, trust and ethical principle, ensuring that they are values ​​of all and for all.