Begolux Creative Lighting was born in 2010 with the aim of asserting itself as a complement to existing national solutions in the lighting sector. Aware of the constant evolution of the national and international market, we broadened our scope of action in order to develop products that combine innovation and design with the functional specificities of each space. With a permanent focus on the ability to respond to our customers’ needs and desires, we have a highly qualified team focused on the design and development of interior and exterior lighting solutions that add value to various environments. We privilege the continuous monitoring of our wide range of products, providing our customers with the best solution for each space, with the quality assurance that characterizes us. In this sense, we use proven quality raw materials and guarantee the full customization of our offer according to our customers’ needs and requirements in order to adapt the final product to the intended space, in an excellent way. Focused permanently on the excellence of our offerings, we present versatile and suitable solutions for each environment and we focus on the development of products with high aesthetic and functional components.


We work daily to offer our customers a product of excellence and innovation for sustainable and diversified growth by offering high quality products and services. We are committed to making our products available on competitive terms, coming up with solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers.We ensure the competence of the entire Begolux team, which represents for all competitive advantages, thus leveraging the value of the company’s growth.


Begolux focuses on innovation in the strategic development of new products and services, believing in the great potential of all customers and employees.


Our core values are responsability, respect, trust and ethical principle, ensuring that they are values of all and for all.