The delivery of the products will only be made through payment according to the conditions agreed and expressed in the invoice; For new Customers, the first orders are according to the following payment conditions: Cash, Bank Transfer or Visa Check. Once the invoice has been issued, the issuance of a Credit Note will not be permitted due to changes in payment terms; In orders of less than € 50 the collection is always done at a prompt payment.


The ownership of the articles provided by Begolux Iluminação, Lda will only be transmitted to the Customer after it has been fully paid, plus any interest due for late payment and / or compensation. In the event that the Customer fails to pay the invoice on the due date, Begolux Iluminação, Lda will have the right to demand default interest until full payment, at the current maximum annual rate, applied at a simple interest rate of 12%, of according to Ordinance No. 262/99 of 12 April; All costs incurred in returning checks will also be borne by Customer. The Client shall also, in case of default, pay to Begolux Iluminação, Lda all expenses and charges arising from the judicial collection of the debt; Begolux Iluminação, Lda may charge the payments made by the Client, first to the compensation of pre-existing debts, then to expenses with collection and interest for late payment;

Judicial Court of the Region of Gondomar
Address: Rua Padre Augusto Maia – 4420-245 Gondomar
Phone: 224664330

Last updated May 2019