FAQ’S – Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get a sample of a fixture?

We provide electrified samples (or color only samples), upon request, and subject to availability.

  • What is the delivery time for the fixtures?

Our production is just-in-time, with a highly professionalized team, so our delivery times are usually very short. Our delivery times are always previously communicated to the customer, and if necessary agreed with the customer.

  • How is the material transported?

Our luminaires can be shipped by air, land or sea, according to the needs of each client. The means of transport is previously agreed with our client, being your responsibility.

  • How can I get Begolux’s commercial terms?

Our sales conditions are provided by our sales team, whenever requested.

  • I intend to personalize my luminaires, being made to measure, and with a RAL color of my choice. It’s possible ?

Yes, whenever requested the luminaires can be customized, in their color, size or with a logo. However, its price may change.