Staying on top of 2023 lighting trends is one of the first steps in planning your next interior projects.

Sustainable Materials and Holistic Design are some of this year’s new features to keep an eye on, and in this article we’ll explain each one of them!

Sculptural Lighting

Going beyond the limits of lighting basics is a trend that is becoming increasingly noticeable in the market. To do this, more and more irreverent and unique pieces are being used, especially for large spaces.

The combination of several lighting pieces, thus creating a light installation, is another solution that will certainly capture the public’s attention, while maintaining its functional character.

This type of lighting is not at all conventional. Geometric and linear shapes are one of the main sources of inspiration for it, but the truth is that it can take on countless shapes, achieving a totally idealized and custom-made piece.

Through the Begolux Bespoke service, it is possible to have a custom design adapted to your project. Contact us and clarify your doubts.

Smart Lighting

Smart LED lighting has a great influence on the human being and how it can be perceived in an environment. Its use provides a general well-being and has a direct impact when it comes to productivity. These and other characteristics make Smart Lighting an ongoing trend from year to year.

To make the most of lighting and its benefits, it is essential to adapt it to the space and its function, something that can be regulated through the DALI System, which in combination with the Human-Centric Lighting technology, recreates the circadian rhythm and adjusts the lighting to the user’s ideal routine.

The constant development of this technology and the integration of LED’s in the luminaires make this type of lighting energy efficient, while reducing energy costs.

The lighting can be remotely controlled through a device with wi-fi connection, in a simple and intuitive way.

Multipurpose Lighting

Side by side with sustainability, multipurpose lighting has gained more prominence in interior design projects due to its versatility and minimalist design, which allows its fusion in several areas.

This type of lighting is ideal for multifunctional spaces, with the concept of open-space or shared areas, highlighting the versatility of this trend.

Whether for commercial or residential spaces, it can be easily incorporated into any design scheme, without being overloaded with multiple pieces of lighting. In addition, its simplistic design makes sure that the focus of the space is maintained, ensuring the functionality and purpose of the space.

This is one of several solutions for professionals looking for versatile and simplistic architectural lighting pieces, and it also allows them to reduce the final costs of the project.

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