Staying on top of 2023 lighting trends is one of the first steps in planning your next interior projects.

Sustainable Materials and Holistic Design are some of this year’s new features to keep an eye on, and in this article we’ll explain each one of them!


Being one of the most promising trends in interior architecture projects, the incorporation of sustainable materials on the products is increasingly a standard that should be integrated into any space.

Whether through more robust materials, as is the case of the aluminum present in our lamps or the selection of wood, the truth is that strength and durability, combined with the minimalist image of this type of materials makes them one of the most used options in the world of interior design.

Using professional carpenters, who guarantee the best possible finish, the entire Begolux Woodline range is covered with high quality wood, giving any project a sense of naturalness.


Following the previous trend, “holistic architecture” is an approach focused on creating a sense of well-being in the space, increasingly becoming a common practice.

Its main goal is the fusion of the different elements with each other in order to create a pleasant space where the audience feels comfortable, promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


In interior design projects that follow this approach, lighting goes beyond its functionality. It changes the perception of a space completely. The fusion of natural and artificial light should be as harmonious as possible, so choosing minimalist luminaires and the right color temperatures are crucial.


Aura H Suspended is ideal for such spaces that take holistic architecture into account. Thanks to its minimalist design and lack of profile, this product provides 360° light distribution while fitting perfectly into any interior architectural project.


The use of adjustable spotlights provides greater control of the luminous flux in the space, and is one of the most effective solutions for highlighting certain areas or objects in a specific area. Even more and more, they are being used in commercial retail spaces, since they have a high capacity to attract and direct the consumer’s gaze to key points.

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