Creating a functional space while providing a pleasant environment for the employees of Agresteluz were two principles that guided the design of this modern office interior project. With Begolux lighting fixtures, the final project is a balanced space that meets the physical and emotional requirements of the employees.

Discover all the lighting solutions for corporate spaces used in this renovation project of Agresteluz offices. 

With several sections, planning the light for the office space of Agresteluz began with a survey of the needs and purposes of each area, either to relax or to work, thus seeking to understand the best type of lighting for that specific area. 

After studying the project and its different areas, it became clear the project required a rigorous selection of the luminaires to be applied, depending on the purpose of each area. Always maintaining a visual cohesion between the elements, we have considered the design of the pieces and their technical specifications to fit the needs of each space.

To develop a harmonious lighting project, AgresteLuz used 4 types of interior lighting. Each was strategically applied in the room to create the desired atmosphere.

These areas are distinguished into an office area, meeting room, training room and reception area.


Consisting in an open-space dynamic, for this area dedicated to the workstation, it was necessary the use of two types of luminaires: recessed and suspended.

Infinity Trimless, a recessed ceiling luminaire, ensures luminosity throughout the surrounding and work area while facilitating the concentration of employees in the space due to its simple and discreet design.

Using continuous lines in this section also helps to ensure a stable light flow throughout the room. The use of Infinity XSlim Suspended with a white finish allows you to illuminate a certain spot more intensely.

Opting for these pieces in this area was the ideal choice. The linear shape and neutral finishes help keep the space clear of visual noise.

Together with a LED color temperature of 4000K, which is ideal for workspaces, a sense of clarity was created in the environment, thus contributing to the productivity and well-being of the users.


Maintaining the sobriety of the space, without discarding its elegance, was important in this meeting room.

Therefore, a luminaire from the Infinity XSlim Suspended range was selected, distinguished by its narrower and more elegant profile.

The dark finish also helps to create an elegant, harmonious and fit-for-purpose space.

This type of lighting for offices is ideal, not only because of the LED technology applied in the piece but also because of the design and dark finish, which helps to create a harmonious and appropriate space for its purpose.


The first impression a space gives is a key-factor for anyone and should be seen as a starting point for the rest of the experience.

Taking this into account, for the reception area of the Agresteluz project, a circular lighting fixture was used – Circular Ring Up&Down. The use of this piece was not by chance.

In addition to the direct lighting that the piece provides, its design incorporates light beams at the top of the piece, giving a diffused light effect to the different floors the space has.

Also, the 3000K LED color temperature combined with the round shape of the luminaire makes the space more inviting and comfortable for its users.

See more about circular designs here.


Although it’s a multifunctional room, this space it’s essentially dedicated to employee training. 

As the main objective is to educate, the Infinity Surface luminaire is the best option. With an LED color temperature suitable for learning and concentration, this piece will illuminate the space uniformly.

The joint work between Agresteluz and Begolux thus allowed the creation of a modern corporate space that fulfills the objectives initially set: the creation of a functional and pleasant space for all involved.

With a minimalist design and LED technology, all lighting pieces are made of resistant and durable materials, thus reinforcing the sustainable trend that the market increasingly demands. 

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