Begolux is pleased to invite you to attend the 1st edition of Architect@Work Lisbon, which will take place on 22 and 23 November 2023. With a focus on innovation and technology, this event will unveil the latest innovations in lighting design, including new technical and architectural lighting pieces.

Innovation is a key word for any architect or interior designer – but it’s also the main criterion for Begolux in its participation in the 1st edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Lisbon, presenting its new advanced remote control system, Begolux Control System DALI.

This technology is particularly relevant in today’s scenario, where more and more people are choosing to work remotely. Users are forced to adapt a multi-tasking space, where the work area can also be used as a leisure or socialising area. By pre-programming the lighting characteristics, a working environment can easily be created during working hours that gradually adjusts to a more cosy night-time atmosphere.

Combined with the convenience of the DALI System and Human-Centric Lighting, radar sensors in lighting are an advanced technology that allows for a significant improvement in the energy efficiency of any project and in the user experience itself, guaranteeing their physical and psychological well-being. This integration also makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint by adjusting lighting based on presence and movement, consequently reducing energy consumption and creating versatile and multifunctional environments.

This innovative BEGOLUX system redefines technical lighting, perfecting an experience that incorporates intuitive reprogramming capabilities into its daily use, adapted to the user’s daily needs.

Get a first-hand look at all the new Begolux products and visit us at stand 30, at FIL Lisbon, on 22 and 23 November between 1pm and 8pm.

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