technical and architectural lighting solutions for commercial projects

In partnership with Proquality Engenharia and Barreiro’s City Council, StartUp Barreiro is a business incubator designed with Begolux lighting that ensures the different needs it assumes while maintaining its sober identity.

Find out which commercial lighting design solutions were used in this project and how selecting the right luminaires allowed this office space to be optimized to the fullest.

Integrating different work areas, the need to use luminaires from different ranges was realized from the start of the project, in order to differentiate between a work area and a leisure area. In addition, the use of different pieces of technical LED lighting made it possible to adjust the luminous flux characteristics according to the requirements of the area.

This project is divided into 3 main areas: Work and Networking Space, Meeting Room and Leisure Space.

commercial lighting design solutions for office projects

#1 modern office lighting for workstation

The work and networking space is marked by the presence of suspended lighting fixtures from the Infinity Suspended range, in a gray finish. Their linear design maintains the sober and professional look of the project, allowing the focus to remain on the functional side of the piece.

For individual workspaces, the presence of LED luminaires in each one was essential to ensure appropriate lighting and boost employee productivity.

In the networking area, complemented by natural light, Begolux applied a linear lighting solution that follows the continuity of the workspace, allowing the space to be illuminated in a more diffuse way.

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#2 meeting room

In the meeting room, in an effort to establish a professional atmosphere, but one that goes hand in hand with the rest of the space’s design, we opted for a customized lighting fixture in a rectangular shape. The Quadra Ring stands out for its size, which stretches the length of the area, and for its design, which complements the other furniture elements in the space, keeping geometricity as a link.

This type of suspended lighting was also used in the reception area, where the aesthetics and purpose of the section called for something more distinctive, without detracting from the products on display.

#3 different types of commercial lighting for a lounge area

As the name suggests, the leisure space is an area that promotes interaction between professionals, thus creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Rounded lighting fixtures such as Abadia and Beam Suspended are ideal for this type of office space. The golden details present in both suspended luminaires and their round shape are elements that reinforce and contribute to the creation of a sociable and comfortable space.

However, an area dedicated to the cafeteria and meal preparation was essential to the project. Therefore, spotlights were installed and integrated into the lounge area. This type of lighting design allows directing the light to the preparation area. 

See all technical specifications of Infinity Suspended with Track and of Tore spotlights. 

Together with Proquality Engenharia and Barreiro City Council and other elements of the project, it was then possible to create a commercial lighting project for offices that satisfies and reconciles the needs of the different projects that StartUp Barreiro hosts.

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