Incorporating the right luminaires into a hotel project while maintaining the balance between design and efficiency can be a real challenge, especially in commercial projects such as hotel lobbies. Most of the time, guests are unaware of the influence of lighting design on a space, but the truth is that choosing the ideal piece is essential to create a good first impression.

Furthermore, although unnoticeable, hotel lighting design has a significant influence on how customers will behave in the space and the feeling it will convey. This is the reason why the light used in music shows is always dynamic and pulsating.

Understanding the behavior of the luminaires in space and getting the most out of each one is a vital step when planning a modern hotel lobby. Other equally important aspects to take into account on hotel lighting design are:

– Adapting the light to the different layouts, especially when it comes to open spaces where the luminaire must necessarily be versatile and multifunctional, both in the design of the piece and in the transmission of the luminous flux. In this case, it is essential that the luminaire is in harmony with the space around it, ensuring the visual cohesion of the area;

– The luminaire chosen for a hotel entrance must capture the attention of its guests while maintaining a decorative function and at the same time preserve the practicality and functionality of the space;

– The luminaires applied in standard areas, such as hallways and parking lots, must maintain a sober design focused on the functionality of the piece, with an appropriate light flux, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment.

– Take advantage of natural light, whenever possible. Beyond the sustainability point of view, the use of sunlight has multiple health benefits, both physical and psychological, on the human being and on each person’s circadian rhythm. Through DALI System in combination with Human-Centric Lighting, it is possible to recreate the solar cycle and a natural environment, reducing the negative effects of artificial light. This technology can be applied in any room, especially in guest bedrooms.

Available online, the Begolux catalogue presents the available luminaires and a variety of environments to inspire you for your next architectural lighting project. Request your luminotechnical study now and see which Begolux luminaire is suitable for your project.


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