Lighting a commercial project has its challenges. Typically, most of them are spaces that involve business and it is expected that someone, the customer, will make a purchase. Or at other projects, they should be designed to optimize the productivity in the space, such as corporate environments.

Either way, when designing an interior project, architects and designers are dealing with people’s emotional states and trying to make them as interactive with the space as possible to achieve its purpose. Here are some lighting principles for you to know and use when planning commercial interior design projects:

#1 lighting principle for commercial projects

Light can set the atmosphere of commercial space, influencing customers’ emotions and creating a sense of well-being. That’s why choosing an appropriate LED lighting color temperature is crucial for it.

Choose a low-temperature color to achieve a warmer and more inviting effect to the room and a higher one to make a space feel more energized, between 4000 Kelvin and 6000 Kelvin.

#2 lighting principle for commercial projects

Optimal lighting design can enhance the productivity and interactivity of commercial spaces, creating a more engaging environment for customers and employees alike.

Use different lighting techniques in different zones to help customers distinguish areas, whether it’s a circulation zone or a product highlight area.

#3 lighting principles for commercial projects

Choose a modern lighting fixture that will reflect the identity of the brand and fosters a suitable environment around the space.

This will create a harmonious environment in the space, which will impact customer behavior and thus enhance the purpose behind the project.

#4 lighting principle for commercial projects

Proper lighting is essential for showcasing products in a commercial space and creating an engaging customer experience.

By using light to highlight key features and create a visually appealing presentation, businesses can increase customer satisfaction and lead sales.

Track lighting designs are the most requested, as it directs the luminous flux to certain focal points.

Besides these principles, when using artificial lighting to guide movement, businesses can maximize the utility of their space and improve the flow of passage between those interacting with it. Linear light designs help with this as their length and design drive people throughout the space.

The truth is that good commercial lighting is fundamental to any project, from offices to retail and hospitality spaces. It creates a positive atmosphere and improves the customer experience. Find out more about the types of commercial lighting here.

With a minimalist design and LED technology, all the lighting pieces are made of resistant and durable materials, thus reinforcing the sustainable trend that the market is increasingly demanding.

Optimise your interior projects with the right lighting. Discover here all the technical and architectural lighting solutions that will help you develop your projects.

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