Located in front of the beach, in Viana do Castelo, Scala Caffe is a commercial lighting interior project, designed by the architect Valdemar Coutinho. The project had Begolux collaboration, which studied and selected the appropriate lighting pieces for the different areas and functionalities of the space. Learn how the combination of light and architecture is a key point to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of an architectural project

The timelessness and simplicity of the pieces make it possible to adapt them to both the dining area and the cafeteria space of the project. In addition, the DALI system for lighting commercial spaces was applied in the project, an efficient LED technology that allows you to adjust the lighting and its color temperature, depending on the desired environment.

Learn more about each piece used in the project and its characteristics:


The circular and compact shape of the Circular Ring Suspended contrasts with the simplicity of the dark matt finish. Thanks to its aluminium structure, this is a luminaire that stands out for its resistance and durability, adapting to various spaces and the different purposes of each one.

When applied as an installation, and combined with a low color temperature, this piece of architectural lighting provides a unique effect on the environment, impacting from the first moment to the final customer experience.


Giani R Suspended is another discreet and minimalist piece, which can be applied in different commercial and industrial spaces, according to the final purpose of the project.


It is distinguished by its versatility of applications in different environments, such as hospitality or commercial spaces. The lateral opening present in the design of the piece allows a uniform spread of the light flow, providing a balanced impression to the environment while simultaneously allowing an individual focus on each table.


A tubular-shaped lighting piece that stands out for emitting a 360º luminous flux, without visual glare. The minimalist and cylindrical design of the luminaire captures the attention of the public, being one of the most used ways to create a modern and unique space while maintaining its functionality.

All the pieces selected by Begolux have a neutral finish and were chosen taking into account the timelessness and simplicity of the design, giving Scala Caffe a sophisticated and cosy look. They fit into the most diverse interior architecture projects, from restaurants to residential lighting projects, being an ideal solution for light and architecture.

With a minimalist design and LED technology, all lighting pieces are made of resistant and durable materials, thus reinforcing the sustainable trend that the market increasingly demands. Discover all the technical and architectural lighting solutions that will help you develop your projects.

This architectural interior project was highlighted in the international press.

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