The need to light every space with a purpose is increasingly important, especially because we are constantly subjected to artificial light on a daily basis.

Naturally, as part of our circadian rhythm, human beings react differently depending on the color temperature to which they are exposed, so it is essential to understand the psychology behind lighting and the effect it has on a space and on our behavior as human beings.


Ideally, warm LED lighting should be applied in spaces where we are looking for a comforting, welcoming and relaxing ambiance, like a living room. 

This type of light is usually below 3000K, distinguished by its yellowish-white tone, which provides a comforting and relaxed atmosphere, being ideal for lighting not only living rooms but other spaces like dining rooms or bedrooms. 

Although these color temperatures have a great influence on everyone’s mood, especially when we’re looking for a space to de-stress, it can also help when waking up, since it has the ability to simulate the light of dawn, contributing to a better and slow awakening.

However, when it comes to light color temperatures for corporate spaces and other work environments, there are some important aspects to take into account.



Product used: Infinity XSlim Flaps Bidirectional Wall

Cool Lighting


The recommended color temperature for this kind of environment is between 4000K and 5000K, where the level of productivity and focus should be higher, so a light with a whiter and a bluish tone is the rule. Co-working spaces and task-oriented environments such as garages and kitchen counters should have a color temperature between the above parameters. 

This does not mean that warm lighting shouldn’t be used in corporate environments. In common and leisure spaces, warm lighting or even natural light should be used so that there is a clear distinction between the workspace and the break rooms.






Product used: Infinity Cool Suspended & Infinity Trimless with Tracklight


In spaces that require a representation of color as realistic as it can be, like museums, art galleries or even multifunctional spaces, neutral LED light is the ideal color temperature. 

Neutral lighting is a balanced combination of warm and cool tones of the light spectrum ranging from 3300 to 4000 K. This temperature, despite having a higher percentage of cold light in its composition, integrates enough warm light so that the impact on the visual field is as minimal as possible, being ideal for kitchens, pantries or bathrooms, resembling the color temperature of natural light.

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Product used: Infinity for Rail

The selection of a good color temperature in combination with the functionality and design of the piece are essential aspects for the space to be perceived in the best possible way by the final public. 

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