Luminária Suspensa de Madeira para Interior

Wood is a very popular material with architecture and interior design professionals, often being used in various decorative elements and even incorporated into the construction of the project itself. In addition to being a versatile material, wood has differentiating characteristics that transform any interior architecture project into a harmonious and elegant space. Read on and learn more about the Woodline collection.

As the concern with sustainability grows, so does the need of incorporating natural materials, such as wood, in different interior projects. The biophilic design trend is combined with the functionality of the piece, given the multiple benefits that this material has, which allow its integration into residential, commercial and even corporate projects.


In fact, the presence of natural materials, such as wood, and neutral tones in a given space help to increase user satisfaction levels. Whether it is the power to stimulate creativity and efficiency of employees in the workspace or the ability to promote comfort in a residential project, thanks to warm tones. Other benefits that make wood a favorite material for interior spaces:


In addition to being an easy-to-maintain material, wood is quite resistant, which facilitates its aging process. The imperfections and different textures that wood acquires over time make each piece look unique and different.


The insulating properties that wood contains allow the retention of hot or cold temperatures, as well as the absorption of excessive noise, thus ensuring a balanced design and making the space a better place that promotes well-being.


Not only is the Woodline collection aesthetically beautiful, but it also stands out for its versatility of applications. The linear design of the piece and the different finishes available make the pieces adapt to various spaces, from office and commercial projects to residential spaces.

Combining different materials and different tones of wood with the other elements of the project will thus generate greater visual interest in the space and enhance the architectural features of a given project. The Woodline collection gives you the opportunity to enhance any project with its simple geometric lines and a variety of finishes.

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