Project Description



The OCEANO projector is a square-shaped floor lamp, with the possibility of angular orientation of the lamp by about 30º, ideal for sweeping walls / facades, gardens and walkways creating warm and welcoming environments. The square bezel is made of stainless steel (AISI 304) with Anti-Corrosion treatment, with tempered glass with resistance index (IK9), built-in, with protection index (IP67) for outdoor use. Includes GU10 or MR16 support, for a maximum of 50W, according to the customer’s option. Optional for the customer is the junction box that we sell for a floor projector, which can be made of plastic with 1 inlet / 2 outlets or stainless steel with 1 inlet / 5 outlets. Optional is also the built-in PVC box, in the shape of a cylindrical cup of dimensions Ø102x123mm. The supply is made at 12V.